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A mole is a small coloured spot on the skin which is made up of a cluster of cells known as melanocytes, which are responsible for producing the pigment in your skin. Occasionally these melanocytes grow in a cluster instead of being spread out, which results in the formation of a mole.

Moles are typically brown in colour, although they can also be much darker, or may even be skin coloured. They can either be flat or raised, rough or smooth, and some may have hair growing from them. Many people also find that their moles change and respond to hormonal changes, for example during pregnancy moles may get darker, puberty may cause more moles to appear, and from around the age of 40 to 50 they may begin to fade away and disappear.

It is important to have your moles checked regularly, and if necessary, you may need your moles removed.

Mole Check


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Most moles are completely harmless, but some moles can develop into Melanoma skin cancer so it’s important to check your skin regularly so that you can spot any changes in size, shape, or colour early and get them checked out if you notice any changes.

Things to look out for when you’re checking your moles include:

  • Colour: Uneven colours or changes in colour; most moles are just one colour, but melanomas are made up of lots of different shades.
  • Size: Healthy moles don’t generally change size, so if you notice a mole getting bigger it’s important to have it checked out.
  • Edges: Most moles are usually circular or oval with smooth edges, so if your mole develops a rough or uneven edge it could indicate something more serious.
  • Irritation: Most moles will sit on your skin and not cause any problems, but if they turn red, start to itch, bleed, become inflamed or crusty see a specialist.

A change in the size and shape of your moles doesn’t necessarily mean that you have developed melanoma; there are a variety of other reasons why your moles may be behaving that way. The most important thing to remember is to have your moles checked regularly, and if you are worried about any of your moles make an appointment to see a member of the team of dermatology specialists here at The Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic for a mole check in Canterbury.


If you have a single mole which you are concerned about and would like to be checked by an expert, book in for a single mole check at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic. The mole in question will be scanned with a dermascope by a specialist nurse which will then be sent to one of our consultant dermatologists to be reviewed. A digital report on the mole will be produced and you will be contacted if further investigation is needed.

For the single mole check we cannot investigate moles which are located in an intimate part of the body, are on the eyelid or top of the ear, covered by an excessive amount of hair, are on a tattoo or are wet, open or bleeding. If you have any questions on this, please get in contact. If your mole or lesion requires further investigations, we may need to excise (remove) all or part of it to be assessed for cancer. Your specialist can advise during your appointment. If you have more than one mole of concern, we would recommend to book a fully body mole check or a mole mapping appointment.

You will be welcomed by a nurse who will ask you some questions regarding your skin type and family history and answer any questions you may have.
Images of the single mole in question will be taken by the nurse using a state-of-the-art Dermatascope. The appointment with the nurse will take about 20 minuites in total.
A consultant will review both the images and your melanoma risk form and provide a report outlining their findings. If further investigation or treatment is required you will be notified.


If you have multiple moles on your body which you would like to be checked by an expert, book a full body mole check at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic with a consultant dermatologist. Your moles will be assessed and if your consultant is concerned with any of them and they require further investigation or treatment, this will be discussed with you. Our dermatologists are highly qualified, hospital based consultants who are all members of the British Association of Dermatologists, the Royal Society of Medicine, the General Medical Council and the Royal College of Physicians.

You will be welcomed by a consultant dermatologist where you can discuss your worrying moles and skin history.
Your consultant will check all the moles on your body, providing a report of the mole check and any recommendations. If you require further investigation or treatment, this will be discussed with you.
During your consultation you will be able to ask your consultant dermatologist about any other skin concerns you may have.


If you have a lot of moles, especially on your back, checking and noticing changes to your own moles can be really difficult. With our mole mapping service, we can do it quickly and effectively for you. At the Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic, we provide a state of the art computer-assisted mole mapping and digital photo-dermoscopy surveillance service so we can check your moles for you.

Mole mapping is conducted by one of our highly qualified consultant dermatologists at the Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic, who is an expert in skin cancer using cutting edge skin-imaging technology; the FotoFinder system. This system provides state-of-the-art laser guided computer mapping of your entire skin and high resolution mapping of individual moles. It has an artificial intelligence algorithm to assess each mole and provide cancer risk analysis. The images it takes are analysed by your consultant, mapped and recorded. It’s ability to compare images and identify change makes it a highly accurate tool in the development of skin cancer.

You will be welcomed by both a nurse and consultant dermatologist. The consultant will look at your moles and identify any specific areas they would like prioritised.
The nurse will then carry out your full body mole mapping using state-of-the-art FotoFinder software. The software will map your full body and provide artificial intelligence reports outlining any moles of concern.
You will be provided with a full report a copy of the images of your moles. If further investigation or treatment is required, this will be discussed with you.


Depending on their location and position, some moles can be rather unsightly and cause the person to feel self conscious and embarrassed by their presence on the face and body and wish for their moles to be removed. We use safe and effective methods to remove benign moles.

There is an initial consultation fee with the Dermatologist at £250-£280. If surgery is advised, prices start from £550 for mole removal including a histology report. Some moles can be removed by laser treatment and you will be advised at the consultation. Even if you’re having your moles removed purely for cosmetic reasons, we recommend that a histological analysis be carried out in order to identify any potentially dangerous cases that may require further treatment.

We also offer safe and effective removal of cancerous moles, with prices in the region of £1400. When it comes to skin cancer, time is of the essence; so having your moles checked and if required removed by a member of our specialist dermatology team will ensure that you’re not waiting a long time for an appointment as can sometimes be the case with the NHS.

If you’d like to find out more about our mole check and removal services in Canterbury, Kent, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and book you in for a consultation.


Here at Kent's leading private skin and laser clinic, our experts are specialists in all aspects of dermatology, skin cancer, anti-ageing and beauty treatments. We are one of the few skin clinics in the UK where all medical consultations and treatments are provided by specialist doctors with Dermatology experience and laser training.

Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic is regulated by the Care Quality Commission, ensuring the best level of treatment is provided to you in a safe environment. Our Clinical Lead Dr Mark Hudson-Peacock is a member of the British Association of Dermatologists, the British Laser Medical Association, the British Hair and Nail Society, the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology and is certified by the Consulting Room. We have won many awards including the WhatClinic Patient Service Award in 2019 and the ghp Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2019.



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